5 Stars
Reaching the summit of Snowdon!
A few months ago I had been feeling sluggish and struggling to get on top of training for climbing Snowdon. But after a refresher with Laura all that changed and I was out power walking improving my cardio and getting stuck in to yoga thanks Laura and thanks L !


Image of Celia - Client
5 Stars
One year on from the Lightning process…I have just starting working full time in an apprenticeship with the NHS which I am really enjoying and am so happy to have achieved my goal of working full time.
Myself and my partner are just about to complete the purchase of our first house together which we are both really excited about!!


5 Stars

I visited Laura back in May after struggling with anxiety for a good 6 months or longer. I had previously done the LP 10 years earlier exreemely successfully but realised this year that I needed a refresher to get me back on track. Laura was incredibly understanding and supportive and I felt at ease with her straight away. She helped me see where I needed to change with using my tools and also gave me some new things to use that I hadn’t been shown 10 years ago. I am now having a wonderful time again with my family making memories. I have done things I had been putting off because stress and anxiety had got in the way and I feel happy and an enjoying life again!


5 Stars

Laura is simply brilliant! Kind, intelligent and on point with my daughter…I am so grateful to her! Sometimes your people can’t hear you and they need someone else! I wholeheartedly recommend Laura.


5 Stars

Laura is one of those incredible people you have to meet in order to believe. Her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious; her approach is simple and effective. If you’re open to new experiences and you’re ready to take that step, to make that change, I recommend you pick up the phone and call Laura. The new you will thank the old one for it.


5 Stars

Had a great session with Laura tonight. Have come away feeling good about myself and open to different ways of thinking. Laura is very calm and knowledgeable, and great at what she does.  Would definitely recommend.


5 Stars

I went to see Laura about my XX-year-old daughter, who was suffering terribly with anxiety and stress. I was in a desperate situation; I had no idea whether Laura’s approach would work, but in just two sessions, she was able to turn my daughter around.

Working with Laura has helped my daughter to think and feel positively about herself and her environment, giving her the confidence to be her happy, brave self again. Laura worked so hard to plan sessions that were enjoyable and fun, with little added extras, like always following up afterwards, she shows real care. Her service is something special. Laura, I cannot thank you enough.


5 Stars

I am a bubble of cheerfulness who’s spent a lifetime covering up my self-confidence issues – even more so since becoming a mum to two busy boys. This all changed after I spent an evening with the incredible Laura at a Mums’ Confidence workshop. It was two weeks before I started a new job. This in itself was terrifying and exciting in equal measures, but juggling my two young boys into the mix was silently tipping me over the edge. I knew in my heart it was time to do something for myself, but the guilt and self-doubt I was feeling about going back to work was exhausting.

The workshop was welcoming, comfortable and empowering. I left that night feeling like “ME”, the best me I can be. I shared it with a group of wonderful ladies, who were all in a similar boat, and have given me an incredible boost and support ever since.

As I write this, I’m on day-two of my new job; I’ve walked into my new office both days with my head held high, feeling confident I will be fabulous. Laura, you’ve helped make one of the biggest decisions I’ve had to contend with after having children so much easier. I’m back to being a person who isn’t just ‘mummy’. I cannot recommend your skills enough – you change lives!


5 Stars

Thoroughly enjoyed a relaxation session with Laura at the Himalayan Salt Rooms, Kenilworth. I usually find it very hard to relax and switch off, but I can honestly say I did just that! I closed my eyes and was guided by Laura to a world of tranquillity. I felt a wonderful sense of calmness, leaving behind the stresses of everyday life and concentrating on relaxing my mind and body. Laura has an amazing, natural calmness. She is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone. I look forward to my next session.


5 Stars

I went to see Laura about an issue that’s haunted me since childhood. I was never able to talk about it before, and instead, I tried to ignore it. After one session with Laura, (during which I cried, but didn’t feel at all silly) I’m no longer angry about things and can honestly say it’s changed my life.


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